Biocore Group, in its sole, absolute discretion, might confirm that the contribution shouldn't be revealed within the journal. If the choice is formed to not publish the contribution when accepted it for publication, then all rights within the contribution granted to Biocore Group shall revert to the author and also the terms and conditions shall be of no more force and result. Any payments sent by the author to Biocore Group are refunded.

Where any author found to possess been in breach of any of those terms and conditions Biocore Group could take such steps as are demanded to remedy the breach. This might embody publication of an expression of concern or retraction.

Authors are going to be needed to supply signed confirmation before publication that everyone authorship, contributor ship, conflict of interest and funding data is full and correct.

Manuscript Preparation:

Every Manuscript has the fixed format, which contains title, abstract and keywords. The title should have to reflect the summary of the article. Names of the authors, their affiliations and the contact details are necessary. Abstract should be between 250-300 words and without any abbreviations and references. Keywords are necessary for indexing purposes.

Format of the text and the other important criteria:

The format is important while submitting the article. The font should be standard, normal and point size should be 12, Times New Roman is considered. Table structures are preferred rather than spreadsheet. The number of headings should not be more than three.

  • Acknowledgement will be comprised of names of the contributors, and also authors.
  • Arabic Numerals have to be used in tables.
  • The files which are additional should be in PDF, MOV, SWF and XLS formats.
  • Authors must own the copyright of their publication.