Abstracting and Indexing services releases the content of Scientific Open Access Journal articles and scientific events abstracts using the keywords, metadata and descriptions. With this process, they provide the better visibility of the scientific references and the scientific literature.

The meta descriptions of the articles and the metadata presented in abstracting and indexing services includes the title of the article, authors of the article, Title of the journal, volume and issue, date of publication , subject area , page numbers, DOI and keywords.

Biocore's published paper pages are adjusted to achieve thriving in search outcomes. This makes your published papers available to readers from around the globe. Even though the existence of different research search engines, readers still depends mainly on search tools like Google to search the relevant Content in the field.

As the journals are open access, any reader opened our Biocore Website can instantly access and read your published papers and even they can download it.

Methodology of Abstracting and Indexing

Indexing is to organize the publication and the content to be documented into the database, where anybody can use it from start user to end user. So, that the user can retrieve the concepts and information for his research from the database or the online publication link from the database

The abstracts will need to be summarized, as the users can evaluate using the abstract whether to read the total manuscript or not. The English Language abstracts are provided for journal volumes, printed books, Monographs and chapters.

Abstracting and Indexing will help the users to improve their scientific knowledge by easily unlocking the data in the database. Thus in turn gives the accelerating techniques for the scientific society.

Biocore give the abstracting and indexing for the publication in our journals in a prospective and prestigious way.

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