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Biocore functions as an open access peer review publication, and maintains prime quality journals that contain analysis work performed by leading consultants in their several fields. With the Open Access feature, there are sure responsibilities that we want to fulfill and a few ethics criteria that we want to fulfill. This statement describes all that Biocore will to confirm prime quality papers for the analysis community, and the way we tend to ensure that our services perpetually supply truthful and quality services to the authors with their paper in the name of our publishing house.Our publication focuses on the scholarly community, which expects us to meet certain standards, and we are always striving to match to these expectations.

Editor Responsibilities

The submitted Papers/Manuscripts will be evaluated by the Editors based on the Author's Academic experience, his affiliation, the importance of the research, Novel approach, validated study and clarity of the Images if any are there in the Articles. The editing of the submitted Manuscripts by the Editors are not determined by any Government policies or any institutions other than the Journal. The chief Editor will determine the ethnicity of the content and the publishing forums.

Editor and the staff will not disclose the information to anybody in any format. The content will be confidential and the Author has the right to target if he/she wants to edit or withdraw the Manuscript at any point of time. Editors will not take any information from the submitted Manuscripts without the consent of the Author. If the Editor is not able to review the Manuscript, he/she will handle the same to the other Editor.

The decision of the publication will be purely based on the consent of the Editor in Chief, the decision will rely on the review comments, Plagiarism and Copyrights infringement.

Author Responsibilities

Biocore trusts that the author is answerable for the content that he publishes on in an open access journal. The responsibility of confirming that the manuscript is original, the research work is not mixed, and that the work adds importance to the research community, lies with the author. We expect the author to clearly explain the importance of his or her research work, along with a true and honest account of his work to us. BioCore also believes that the author will not risk their upright in the community by trying to pass off current work as their own, and that they will only submit the work to the journal for publication that they have the copyright to publish.

Reviewers responsibilities

Peer review is a boundless way to quickly found the quality of a number of manuscripts. However, as the occurrence has proved, it is disposed to to certain dimness when the individual reviewers do not pay sufficient attention to the work they are checking. Reviewers serve as the link among the editor and the author, and as such their role is very significant in ensuring a high customary of quality in the peer review process.

The editors of Biocore are correspondingly tasked with perpetuation the quality standard of our journals. They need to always be attentive and help Biocore meet the strenuous requirements that the academic domain executes on all quality open access journals and publications.

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