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Preservation of exosomes at room temperature using lyophilization

Authors : Chonlada Charoenviriyakul , Yuki Takahashi , Makiya Nishikawa , Yoshinobu Takakura     |    Yuki Takahashi


Authors: D Belletti , A M Grabrucker , F Pederzoli , I Menrath , V Cappello , M A Vandelli , F Forni , G Tosi , B Ruozi    |   B Ruozi

Evaluation of the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and mucus permeation capacity of several surface modified poly (anhydride) nanoparticles designed for oral drug delivery

Authors: T Iglesias , A López de Cerain , J M Irache , N Martín-Arbella , M Wilcox , J Pearson , A Azqueta    |   , A Azqueta

Rifampicin Lipid-Polymer hybrid nanoparticles (LIPOMER) for enhanced Peyer's patch uptake

Authors:Sagar S Bachhav , Vikas D Dighe , Darsheen Kotak , Padma V Devarajan    |   Padma V Devarajan

Polyurethane-based drug delivery systems

Authors: Jong Yuh Cherng , Ting Yi Hou, Mei Fen Shih, Herre Talsma, Wim E Hennink    |   > Jong Yuh Cherng

Lubrication empirical model to predict tensile strength of directly compressed powder blends

Authors:Joelle Nassar , Ben Williams , Conrad Davies , Kevin Lief , Richard Elkes    |   Joelle Nassar

Advances in drug delivery related biosensors and medical devices

Authors: Jie Shen , Diane J Burgess    |   Jie Shen

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