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Aims & Objectives

International Journal of Surgery and Transplantation Research. (IJST) is a peer-reviewed open access journal dedicated to the latest advancements in Surgery science. The journal intended for the general surgeons who performs general, abdominal, vascular, head and neck, oral, breast, cancer, colorectal, and other forms of surgery and transplantation. The journal features clinical and laboratory based research on all aspects of general surgery, transplantation and related topics. All published surgery articles are permanently archived and available at Biocore Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats.

IJST publishes original research articles, review articles, clinical review articles, practice articles, editorials, short communications, case reports, blogs, clinical management guidelines, research methods and reporting articles in all areas of Surgery. We hope that Researchers, Academicians, and Industrialists etc. would make use of this journal publication for the development of technology and to enhance our journal with your research and experience.

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